By default, Asset CleanUp doesn’t trigger specific features on some sensitive pages or in certain situations, as a protection in case the functionality might be affected. These situations include: editing a page using a page builder (theme or plugin), making REST API calls, and avoiding clearing other plugins’ caching (it’s not always the best idea) after Asset CleanUp’s cache is cleared.

However, there are confident and experienced users that would want to change these rules so they could make their REST API calls faster (without breaking the functionality) or have a better experience when editing a page with a page builder by avoiding loading certain plugins that could add useless elements to the editing page (e.g. some plugins are just irrelevant when using a page builder and it’s better to have them unloaded) or plugins that are so slow that they will delay the loading of the page builder.

The following list has all the special settings that can be set, in case you need any of these activated (only do it if you know what you’re doing or consult with a developer before the activation). Most of them have their dedicated post within the documentation that you can check. Note that some are available only to Pro users.

Load plugin unload rules when using specific page builders

When editing a page through a page builder, you want to make sure that everything works well when adding/removing elements or saving the changes you made, even if you sometimes to do not have the best experience when it comes to the speed at which the builder is applying those changes. There are situations when you might want to unload CSS/JS and whole plugins (usually, this is the most important option to save server resources when a page loads), so you can avoid having a slow page builder. If you feel confident in triggering unload rules (only these types of rules are taken into consideration, nothing else such as minify/combine CSS/JS), knowing that plenty of things do not need to load when editing a page through a page builder, you can enable Asset CleanUp to trigger for the following page builders (the list is updated with time):

Do not also clear Autoptimize cache after Asset CleanUp caching is cleared

Some WordPress administrators have noticed that the automatic clearing of the Autoptimize caching (if the plugin is used) is not ideal after Asset CleanUp caching is cleared. Thus, they might want to disable that. Read more

Enable plugin unload rules within the Dashboard  Pro

Do you want a faster Dashboard knowing for sure there are slow plugins that could be unloaded on certain pages within /wp-admin/? Then you can add rules within “Plugins Manager” — “IN THE DASHBOARD /wp-admin/“. Read more

Load plugin unload rules on REST API Calls  Pro

Lots of WordPress administrators use REST API calls for various reasons. There are even plugins that make use of them. To avoid breaking the response from the API call (it can happen if the wrong plugin unload rules are set), Asset CleanUp Pro doesn’t interfere with its rules. However, there are plenty of situations when a REST API call can be very slow due to several plugins that are loading their SQL queries and slow PHP functions and have nothing to do with that specific call. Thus, if you are confident you can unload those plugins, you can enable this option to speed up your REST API calls. Read more

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