Applying the query string below will disable Asset CleanUp on the fly.

It’s great if you’ve done particular changes to a page (e.g. prevented CSS/JS from loading, applied “defer” or “async” attribute to JavaScript files, used minify and combine) and you want to check if it loads the same as it used to before Asset CleanUp optimization was applied.

Ideally, when debugging and checking for differences like in this scenario, you should load your pages with query strings applied to them to prevent you from loading a cached version of that page in case you’re using a plugin like WP Rocket. Best would be to use two tabs with the following URLs:

  • For testing the page before Asset CleanUp settings/rules were applied:
  • For testing the page after Asset CleanUp settings/rules were applied: (it will skip any outdated caching from WP Rocket or similar plugins, but trigger the unload rules and other settings from Asset CleanUp)
If you wish to prevent the plugin from loading on certain pages for any reason (not just via query string for debugging purposes, but in any situation, when the page is loaded), click here for instructions on how to do that.

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