Once you’ve purchased Asset CleanUp Pro and download the ZIP file (e.g. wp-asset-clean-up-pro-v1.0.9.zip), you have the following options to install and activate the plugin:

Via the Dashboard (quickest way)

1) Go to “Plugins” -> “Installed Plugins”, deactivate and then delete “Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster” (no worries, any settings applied would be preserved)

2) Go to “Plugins” -> “Add New” -> “Upload Plugin”; You will notice an upload form and an “Install Now” submit button. Download the ZIP file you received in your purchase email receipt (example: wp-asset-clean-up-pro-v1.0.8.5.zip), attach it to the form and install the new upgraded plugin.

3) Finally, activate Asset CleanUp Pro! That’s it


If for some reason, you can’t follow the steps above, another way (not as quick though) to install the plugin is connecting via SFTP/FTPS (for secure connections) or via a File Manager (e.g. the one from cPanel) where you can upload the directory “wp-asset-clean-up-pro” (unzip the file you’ve downloaded to get the contents of the plugin directory) within /wp-contents/plugins/ where your website is located.

Once you’ve have uploaded ALL files, just go to “Plugins” – “Installed Plugins” (within your Dashboard), and “Activate” Asset CleanUp Pro: Page Speed Booster.

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