A bulk unload (from “Bulk Changes” -> “Bulk Unloaded”) is considered any unload rule that is applied once and it has an effect on multiple pages of the same kind or site-wide.

These include:

  • Unload everywhere (site-wide unload of an asset)
  • Unload on All Pages of [any post type here] post type (post, page, product, download etc.)
  • Unload on All Pages of [taxonomy type here] taxonomy type (category, tag, product_cat, download_category etc.)
  • Unload on All Author Pages (this will unload the asset on all pages such as /author/john/, /author/michael/, /author/jane/ and so on)
  • 404 Not Found Page – it applies to any URL that is not found (/product/product-slug-no-longer-existent, /store/custom=old-page etc.). The number of 404 pages you can have is unlimited. Any rule set on one 404 Not Found URL will apply to any other 404 Not Found URL, since the same 404.php file within the theme is triggered all the time.
  • Search Results Pages – it applies to any URL that has the following format: www.yoursitehere.com/?s=[any_search_keyword]
  • Date Pages – it applies to any date archive page (/2018/10/, /2017/07/ etc.)

Case Scenario

For instance, you might use WooCommerce and you have a set of CSS and JavaScript files that you’d like to unload for all product pages (e.g. /product/the-name-of-the-product/, /product/another-product-here/ etc.).

Just edit any product page (either within the Dashboard or through the front-end view, having the list of assets at the bottom of the page), select “Unload on All Pages of product post type” for each of the CSS/JS you’d like to unload on all product pages, then click “Update”.

Now, the bulk unload option will be applied for the selected assets and they will not load on any of the WooCommerce’s product pages 😉

About “BULK CHANGES” menu area

Once you’re selecting assets for bulk unload, they will be added to “Bulk Unloaded” tab from “Bulk Changes” plugin’s menu, so you can easily see all the CSS and JavaScript that is bulk unloaded. In this section, you can only remove assets from a specific group (e.g. pages, posts, taxonomies, 404 pages etc). If you wish to add the asset back, you have to edit the page that is loading the asset and selected for bulk removal from there.

For instance, you go to edit a WooCommerce product and select an asset to be unloaded on all product pages. Once you do that, it will show in the list of “Bulk Unloaded” (main top tab) -> “Post Types” (sub-tab) -> “product” (drop-down option). You can either remove it from there OR from any edit product page through “Remove Rule”.

The main purpose of “Bulk Unloaded” tab is for you to see all the bulk unloaded pages in an organized way, instead of spending extra time by going to each page type (post, page, categories, tags, etc.) and check which bulk rules were applied.

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