It’s recommended to activate your license on each domain you install it so you will be eligible for one click / automatic updates via the Dashboard.

To activate a license, you just have to go to “License” from Asset CleanUp Pro’s menu, enter the license, “Save Changes” and then “Activate” it.

After you click the activation button, a connection is initiated to a remote server that verifies the license validity. On some hosting environments, you could get the following error (depending on the server’s settings): “The link you followed has expired.” (Please try again). If that’s the case, please do the following:

  1. Go to, login to your account and then click on “View Licenses” from the “Purchase History” area.
  2. Within the “Purchase History” area, click on “Manage Sites” and under “Use this form to authorize a new site URL for this license. Enter the full site URL.” add the URL where you’ve installed and activated Asset CleanUp Pro. (e.g., etc.).
  3. Finally, go to “Licenses” within the plugin’s menu (from your WordPress Dashboard), and click “Force license validation” after you’ve added it and saved it. This will mark the license as “valid” and the updates from the Dashboard would work fine as long as the correct license key was set within “Manage Sites” link that was mentioned above.

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