Unless you’re using the Unlimited license which allows you to activate the license on as many websites you need, you will have a limit towards the total number of license activations, 1 for the Single, and 3 for the Plus.

To make things easier for you when you’re using the plugin on staging/local/dev WordPress installs, the system doesn’t count the activations for these environments, so you’re able to activate the license update the plugin within the Dashboard whenever a new version is available without any problems. This is done based on specific patterns related to the domain and subdomain names.

The following patterns are used to prevent any counting: localhost,,,, *.dev, .*local, dev.*, staging.*, development.*

In addition, there are hosting companies that allow customers to create their own staging environments and the domain name can be the one of the hosting service, including but not limited to:

  • .azurewebsites.net
  • .closte.com
  • .cloudwaysapps.com
  • .flywheelsites.com
  • .flywheelstaging.com
  • .goserver.host
  • .kinsta.cloud
  • .myftpupload.com
  • .myraidbox.de
  • .pantheonsite.io
  • .smarthost.pl
  • .wpcomstaging.com
  • .wpengine.com
  • .wpmudev.host
  • .wpstage.net
  • .stage.site
  • .test
In rare cases when the match is not made and the activation does add towards the limit, then the test (local, staging, dev) website can be whitelisted. A support ticket has to be sent for this request to be fulfilled.

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