This option is available starting from version (Pro), released on May 10, 2020.

If you are done with the optimization, you rarely use the plugin or you would like to hide it from the top admin bar for any reason (e.g. have a cleaner sidebar menu area because of too many elements added up or you do not want it to be too obtrusive to the client for which you’ve done some optimization), you can do that by going through the following:

Go to Settings –> Plugin Usage Preferences & within Hide “Asset CleanUp Pro” menus enable Hide it from the left sidebar within the Dashboard

After the settings are saved, Asset CleanUp’s settings can only be accessed via “Settings” –> “Asset CleanUp Pro” & the top admin bar if you decided to keep the menu visible.

All the plugin’s pages will load fine just like they used to. This option just hides the menu from the sidebar. The following functions ARE NOT triggered: remove_menu_page() & remove_submenu_page().

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