This feature is available in the Pro version starting from v1.2.3.5.

WordPress comes with built-in pages such as search results, list of posts/articles that are published on a specific date or belong to a specific author.

Many WordPress websites have themes that are using the built-in search page. If there are many articles posted there (e.g. the website of a magazine), then it’s likely they are filtering the posts by date and author. If you believe that your website uses any of these page types or work for a client with a website that has at least some of these pages, then you can make these pages faster and save resources (less PHP code triggered) by unloading plugins that are likely not needed there. We’ll go through each of these page types individually.

Search Results Page

If your theme has a search box and after you use it the URL would be something like, then you are using the built-in search feature. Usually, this page has the results of the articles that matched the search query and it’s fairly light when it comes to things loaded there. You might not need some of the plugins you are using there to be loaded. Here’s a print screen of such a page:

Date Archive Page

If a website has blog post filtering by date, it’s likely using the built-in WordPress one where the URL is something like (this one has the year and month) or (this one will show all the articles for the year). Here’s a print screen of such a page:

Author Archive Page

If you or your client has a website where multiple authors are writing blog posts, it’s likely there are links to each author where the blog posts of that author are shown. The URL of such an author page is usually Specific plugins that aren’t needed can be unloaded here (e.g. a plugin that will only load on WooCommerce page or a plugin that generates contact forms) since it’s often a fairly light page (without much page elements) just like the search results one. Here’s a print screen of such a page:

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