This feature is available in the Pro version starting from v1.2.3.8.

There are situations when you might want to unload specific plugins in the front-end view if the logged-in visitor has a certain role (e.g. administrator, subscriber, editor, etc.). Some plugins might unload unnecessary CSS/JS files for the ‘administrator’ role, but necessary for the ‘subscriber’ role or the plugins might be slow in loading due to large database queries or complex PHP code.

In “Settings” — “Plugins Manager” — “IN FRONTEND VIEW (your visitors)“, each plugin has the following option: “If the logged-in user has any of these roles:” (this is for both an unload or a load exception from an existing unload rule). You can choose one or more roles (e.g. the plugin should not load for subscribers and shop managers).

If there’s a situation where you would like to completely unload a plugin for everyone, except a specific user role (e.g. when an user with the shop manager role is logged-in), then you can unload the plugin site-wide and once you do that, the load exceptions area will show up where you could choose the user role for which you want the plugin to load, like in the print screen below:

This option is available only on the front-end view (not within the Dashboard) and for unloading whole plugins within “Plugins Manager”. The CSS/JS manager doesn’t have this option at the time of publishing this post.

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